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Terms and Conditions
Andean Hiker
  • We accept reservations that are made more than 30 days before the start of the trip. Reservations will be confirmed in writing after a deposit of 40 % of the total price has been payed.
  • We need basic personal information of each customer such as name, nationality, passport number, age and profession 20 days before the start of the trip.
  • The complete cost of the tour is to be paid 7 days before the starting date of the tour.
  • Cancellations within 30 days prior to the tour are subject to loss of the deposit.
  • Andean Hiker - Adventure Travel Agency, will verify that all passengers have a full cover travel insurance. Such insurance is mandatory for all customers who travel with us. Customers will have to rely on their personal travel insurance to cover all possible problems that could arise during the trip.
  • Andean Hiker - Adventure Travel Agency has the right to modify or to cancel any itinerary when it considers it to be necessary to the advantage and/or security of the clients. Andean Hiker - Adventure Travel Agency has the right to accept or deny customers on their tours.
  • Throughout the tour, passengers are responsible for their own luggage.
  • Although all possible precautions are taken, Andean Hiker - Adventure Travel Agency will not be held responsible for injuries, diseases, damages, lost, additional expenses, unforeseen delays and other irregularities that could be caused by voluntary or involuntary acts of third-party companies or people, or caused by natural disasters, social changes or extraordinary forces.

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