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Llanganuco Lakes (3800m)
Bus Tour

AVAILABILITY: All year round
DURATION: 10 hours
ELEVATION: 3100 to 3800 meters

Leaving in the morning from huaraz at the north side visiting making pauses in different towns and villages, on of the fist one will be at Anta close to the airport really wellknown because of the view from where we can appreciate mountain over 6000 m, Huascaran, Chopicalqui, Hualcan , and Copa after spending some minutes taking photos we keep driving down to Carhuas over 2640 m small town where local are expert making natural ice-cream from local and native fruits the only place where we have a chance to taste their specialty and also we can appreciate some local people wearing their local clothes very colorful, finally we descend down to yungay 2400m place which was destroyed by 1970 because of the avalach that came from the north peak of Huascaran and covered more than 22000 people, now days is well visited because of the history there we make a visit around 1 hour then we drive up to narrow llanaganco valley from where we can appreciate native trees ( quenual, quisuar, chacpa) after 3 hours driving aprox we get to the lake chinancocha badly called llanganuco the name comes from the quechua language which means female lake ,there local ofer boat trip , and also just walk around the lake . driving back to yungay in order to have lunch and then keep driving down to caraz to taste their specialty manjar blanco made from milk( milk caramel) then drive back to huaraz but in the way the stop in tarica an artisanal place where normally visitors buy some souvenir from different cultures and back to huaraz

    Ground transportation, Spanish spoken Guide

    Park entry fee S/ 10.00


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