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Pastoruri adventure tour
Bus Tour

AVAILABILITY: All year round
DURATION: 8 hours
ELEVATION: 3100 to 5000meters

Driving to the south / east of huaraz, making many pauses in the one of the fist one in the gruta de san Patricio from where we can appreciate stalactite and stalagmite, located in recuay, tradicional village with adobe bog buildings over 3400 m then we keep driving up to pachacoto valley where we can appreciate Andean huts been used by local farmers, then we arrive to the laguna patococha (dug lake) where we make a pause to watch some kinds of dugs and some Andean birds and not far away we find some bromelias (puya Raimondi) where we make a short break then we get to gasified mineral water not drinkable, soon after we can appreciate a rock painting from the first Peruvians in the wild life finally arriving to the moraine of the glacier pastoruri which takes about 1hour going up to the border of the mountain pastoruri. then we drive back to catac village to have lunch and huaraz


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