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Climbing in Ishinca Valley
Ishinca Mountain – Urus Mountain and Tocllaraju Mountain (3 to 7 Days)

Suitable for beginners
Grade: Medium / Hard
Season to Climb: Jun to September

URUS MOUNTAIN 5495m Grade médium (suitable for beginners)
ISHINCA MOUNTAIN 5530m Grade médium (siutable for beginners)
TOCLLARAJU MOUNTAIN 6034m Grade: hard (technical climbing)

From one base camp in the Ishinca Valley we climb 3 peaks. Urus and Ishinca can be climbed without previous climbing experience. We will provide instruction and support. After climbing not that much technical mountais you will be enough acclimatized and ready to climb the more technical peak called: Tocllaraju, and perhaps your first 6000m peak.

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Day 1: Drive from Huaraz to the village Collon. Hike up to Base gently going up in the Green valley and Camp at 4390m. 4 to 5 hours walking.

Day 2: Climbing Urus East face. Leaving about 3 am and walking on the moraine some steep and rocky trails A non technical climbing then a steep descent on a moraine ridge back down to camp. 9 hours all together.

Day 3: Resting Day- same base camp

Day 4: Climbing Ishinca leaving early and first walking on the moaine and some rocky áreas; steady slope and not too steep apart from the final 20 metres to the summit. Return to Base by the same way and Camp. 9 to 12 hours depending on fitness.

Day 5: Climbing tocllaraju going up to moraine High Camp Tocllaraju on a flat area in the moraine at 5300m. 3.5 to 4 hours walking.

Day 6: Climbing the summit Tocllaraju. There are long sections of easy climbing mixed with steep and sometimes technical climbing. Then going back by same place to Base Camp in Ishinca Valley. 11 to 13 hours

Day 7: Walk down the Ishinca Valley to Collon and return to Huaraz 2 hours walking and 1 hour driving

Climb Ishinca Only: 3 days
Climb Urus and Ishinca: 4 or 5 days
Climb Ishinca and Tocllaraju: 6 days

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